World Health Day 2020

Recognizing Nurses, Midwives, and Health Workers at the Frontlines of COVID-19 Response

World Health Day takes place on April 7th each year, marking the anniversary of when the World Health Organization (WHO) was founded. WHO selects a different theme each year, focusing on one of the topics from their 6-point agenda and highlighting a priority area of concern.

  1. Health and Development: advocate for greater recognition of the bidirectional links between poverty and poor health, and strengthen intersectoral work to address health risks and socio-economic determinants
  2. Health and Security: taking steps to reduce health risks from outbreaks of new, existing and mutating diseases, and providing assistance to countries in strengthening trauma care and mass casualty management systems
  3. Health Systems: Bridging the prevention and treatment gaps, and integrating management of chronic conditions, nutrition services, and mental health into primary healthcare, including prevention and community-based rehabilitation
  4. Information and Knowledge: Devising guidelines on evidence-based interventions for health promotion and risk reduction
  5. Partnerships: promote partnerships for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases, nutritional deficiencies, mental and substance use disorders, violence and injuries, and disabilities. 
  6. Performance: Monitor noncommunicable diseases, nutritional deficiencies, mental and substance use disorders, violence and injuries, and disabilities, and their determinants and to evaluate progress at the national, regional and global levels

For World Health Day 2020, WHO is honoring the contribution of nurses and midwives, recognizing their vital role in keeping the world healthy. 

In honor of #WorldHealthDay, America's Charities is celebrating our member charities and the contributions nurses have on their missions.

Whether they have nurses working on the frontline of COVID-19, nurses volunteering to support communities impacted by disaster, nurses providing hospice care, nurses advocating for patients and supporting patients battling challenging illnesses, nurses helping under-served populations, or nurses who play a pivotal role in the field of clinical research to help us make progress towards better treatments and cures - thank you! 

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On April 7th and all year round through workplace giving, we encourage you to:

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