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Multiple Sclerosis Association of America

$150 helps MSAA provide a cooling vest to an individual living with MS, improving their quality of life.

Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA)

EQUIPMENT DISTRIBUTION: Therapeutic and supportive equipment designed to improve the safety, dignity, mobility, and independence of people with MS is provided free of charge. Therapeutic equipment includes wheelchairs, canes, walkers, hospital beds and more. Supportive equipment includes grab bars, specially made dishes and utensils, toilet seat raisers, tools to make dressing easier, etc.     

COOLING: Cooling kits are provided free of charge to people with MS to assist in relief from heat and humidity, which research shows can aggravate common MS symptoms. These items, including cooling vests, collars, hats, and pillowcases, allow people with MS to remain active in the workplace and to participate comfortably in outdoor activities.     

MRI ACCESS FUND: This program provides financial support in acquiring MRIs, valuable diagnostic tests used in detecting and treating MS.  The MRI Access Fund helps to subsidize the cost of an initial MRI to confirm a diagnosis of MS or can pay for or subsidize subsequent MRIs for people whose doctors want to track disease and treatment progression. This program is especially beneficial to the uninsured and those whose insurance doesn't completely cover the cost of an MRI.     

TOLL-FREE HELPLINE: The Helpline directly connects people who are facing challenges from their MS, as well as their loved ones and care partners, to trained consultants.  Helpline consultants can provide assistance, advocacy, referrals, or just a friendly ear. They may recommend programs offered by MSAA, as well as other resources such as Social Security programs, transportation services, and pharmaceutical financial assistance programs. A bilingual consultant is available for the Spanish-speaking MS community.     

S.E.A.R.C.H: Assists the MS community with learning about different treatment choices. Each letter represents an important topic that must be considered by patients, physicians, and other healthcare and social service professionals.   

S.E.A.R.C.H.  Stands for - S=Safety, E=Effectiveness, A=Affordability, R=Risks, C=Convenience, H=Health Outcomes (overall wellness and quality of life)           

MS EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS: More than 35 online videos are available on MSAA's website featuring recognized experts in MS. They can be viewed by anyone, anywhere who has a computer, bringing up-to-date expert information that provides knowledge and empowerment right into the privacy and comfort of a person's home.     

My MS Manager: Mobile application, provided free of charge to individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS) or their care partner to use on their smartphone or tablet. This first-of-its kind app for MS offers individuals a convenient and effective tool to manage the ever-changing course of the disease.     

PUBLICATIONS: A wide array of comprehensive and easy-to-read large-type booklets and pamphlets that explain MS, its symptoms and management, and MSAA programs are published and distributed free of charge by MSAA.   

MSAA's magazine, The Motivator, provides vital up-to-date information and uplifting stories to the MS community. These publications are key in raising awareness and educating the public about multiple sclerosis.  All publications are free of charge.     

EDUCATIONAL EVENTS: MSAA organizes and sponsors a wide array of public education and awareness events geared towards individuals with MS and healthcare professionals. These events often feature expert neurologists and healthcare professionals who bring clients the latest information on the advances in MS research, available treatment options, and new techniques to meet the physical, emotional, and social challenges, which arise from living with a chronic illness.     

LENDING LIBRARY: MSAA offers more than 300 books and articles for readers to borrow by mail. This literature includes information on living with MS, self-esteem issues, and other topics of interest to people who want to know more about MS and coping with its challenges.

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April 2, 2019
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Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA)

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