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Charitable Funds Disbursement

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Charitable Funds Disbursement


After employees pledge their support to charities or request a company’s matching gift, how does the employer ensure secure, timely, and cost-efficient delivery of the employees’ and company’s donations to the appropriate designated nonprofits? And just as importantly – who is responsible for completing this big undertaking?

Sometimes, companies attempt to facilitate employee giving programs, matching gifts, and charitable funds management in-house thinking that it’s the easiest and most cost-efficient way. However, a partner like America’s Charities can minimize the time and real costs for payroll and other staff to manage giving programs and reduce the costs to nonprofits in managing individual donations received from such programs.


Reduce Company Costs

America’s Charities can minimize the time and administrative costs for payroll and other staff to manage giving programs and reduce the time it takes to distribute donations to charities. For example, in a case study featuring a Fortune 500 company America’s Charities helped, it took the company an equivalent of 2.5 full-time employees to vet charities, process payments from the company’s nearly 25,000 employees, and cut checks to the nonprofits. In turn, managing the company’s workplace giving donations in-house was actually costing it more than $225,000 in indirect costs. Partnering with America’s Charities enabled the company to scale its impact at a lower cost.

Peace of Mind & Risk Mitigation

To safeguard donations and give clients peace of mind that their employees and company’s funds are being distributed responsibly, America’s Charities reconciles funds for you and collaborates directly with your administrator to resolve any discrepancies. America’s Charities, which monitors the Internal Revenue Service Business Master File and thoroughly vets nonprofits, ensures that employee contributions are going to registered charities and not to organizations that have lost their tax-exempt status or are on the OFAC terrorist watch list. Not only does this take a huge burden off of companies in terms of verifying the qualifications of nonprofit organizations, it also removes the liability companies take on when holding charitable funds in an account.

Faster Payments and Save Nonprofits and Your Company Money

Processing costs can be as high as 25% for a nonprofit while combined funds distribution can reduce those costs to less than 10%. Plus, working with a partner like America's Charities can get funds to charities faster. In a case study featuring a Fortune 500 company America’s Charities helped, the company found its in-house system only had the capacity to send contributions to charities once a year. As a result, contributions from employees would get saved up in an account for an entire year, then processed and paid the following year. By moving to America’s Charities’ system, employees’ contributions were able to get to their designated organizations much more quickly and efficiently.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Gary R. Levante

SVP, Corporate Responsibility & Culture - Berkshire Bank

“Thank you for helping Berkshire Bank get our EAF up and running so quickly. It was a super smooth process and the America’s Charities team was great to work with, providing relevant insights that helped us rapidly create a program to meet our employees’ needs today and into the future. America’s Charities is uniquely positioned to support EAFs given its work at the intersection of nonprofits and businesses, as well as the operational efficiency, expertise, and tax benefits partnering with America’s Charities provides businesses. After launching our EAF, Berkshire Bank received a lot of positive feedback from employees who are proud to know that we are doing everything we can to keep them safe, healthy, and financially stable. Thank you again, America’s Charities, for your EAF facilitation and helping make it all happen.”

Cassie Croft

Director of Corporate Giving - AmCap Home Loans

“THANK YOU THANK YOU again so much for being such a lifesaver and working with me on the phone this week to make sure our disaster fund was set up properly and ready to go. It means so much to us that we have an actual person we can talk to regarding these funds and that YOU are a joy to work with!”

Nicola Scott

Manager, Employee Giving - Ledcor Group of Companies

“Our workplace giving campaign was a huge success. A large part of this was America’s Charities’ superb service and how the Engage CSR platform powered by SmartSimple Cloud worked – it’s the best looking platform we’ve ever used, and by far the easiest to use.”

Why Partner With America's Charities?

Charitable funds management is a complex process, especially when you’re managing a giving program for thousands of employees in geographic locations across the country or around the world. Not only do you need to collect and process employee donations, you also must disperse those funds to charities, provide donor receipting and acknowledgement, and create reports for multiple stakeholder groups – nonprofits, donors, and corporate leadership.

It can be a challenge to reconcile the data at each step, but America’s Charities has a proven method for efficiently processing information and providing meaningful, transparent reporting about that data for each stakeholder. Receiving, reconciling, and distributing employee-designated donations has been a core competency since our inception. Our system ensures that each stakeholder gets accurate, timely information. For nonprofits, this means being able to better communicate and share impact with donors. For companies, this means being able to communicate results to employees and board members, and being able to optimize employee giving performance.


Flexibility to Use the Technology Solution You Want

You can use our charitable funds management services in conjunction with our employee giving technology solutions or as a stand-alone service to complement your existing platform or program.

Multiple Donation Payment Methods Supported

We can facilitate multiple payment methods including one-time or recurring payroll deduction, credit/debit card, ACH, checks, and stock donations.

Flexibility with your Payroll System and Schedule

Whether your company uses Workday, ADP or other payroll management systems, and regardless of what frequency employees get paid (or if that frequency varies by employee), we help automate payroll deduction donations and make the payroll giving process easy for employees and more streamlined for your payroll and HR teams.

Consolidated Annual Tax Receipts

In addition to the donation record and receipts donors receive upon making a contribution, a consolidated annual tax receipt is provided to donors after the tax year concludes to help employees provide necessary documentation for tax filing purposes.

Configurable Dashboards & System Reports

Native and ad-hoc reporting capabilities, along with baseline and custom dashboards, provide your team the ability to monitor and report on all user activities through a single platform, while user-defined roles allow your team to keep your data confidential and accessible only to the team members you assign.

Solutions And Partnership Highlights

More than 40 Years of Experience

Receiving, reconciling and distributing employee-designated donations and managing corporate matching funds has been a core competency since our inception. Each year, we process over 1 million transactions and send approximately 50,000 grants and payments to qualified nonprofits. With 200 private and public sector partners whose workplace giving programs, matching gift campaigns, employee assistance funds, and volunteer initiatives we manage and distribute funds for, we have a lot of experience and first-hand knowledge to share with your team to help you implement your program.

FM-Acc. and TImely Funds DIS_

Accurate and Timely Funds Distribution

By bundling donations into one payment for each designated nonprofit, your charity partners can focus more of their time and resources on making an impact with your support. To ensure accurate and timely disbursement of donations to designated charities we:

  • Reconcile funds received against donor designations based on partner-provided data,
  • Disburse funds to donor-designated charities each month,
  • Do not require a minimum amount to be reached before a disbursement is made, nor does America’s Charities charge any extra fees for paper checks, and
  • Manage returned checks/payments from charities by conducting additional research to verify proper address and contact information of the designated charity, and then reissue payment.

Extensive Reporting & Help Desk Support

For partners’ strategic purposes and for donors’ peace of mind we:

  • Provide multi-channel support to assist donors with questions about their donations,
  • Contact donors about re-designating their gift if their original designated charity is no longer qualified to receive donations,
  • Ensure all charities receiving donations are qualified and in good standing with the IRS at the time of distribution and not on the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) list,
  • Give charities access to reports and Help Desk support regarding the disbursements made from donors, and
  • Provide partners with status updates and reports of donation disbursements.
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