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Our goal is to fund scientific research into treatments and cure of diabetes. Conducts screenings, education programs to save lives from blindness, kidney failure, amputations.

Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation

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Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation fulfills its mission through the following:        

1) Providing funds for research grants to major institutions where we can facilitate ongoing projects especially research into islet cell transplantation. We review numerous grant proposals and to date, have funded grants at 30+ institutions across the country like Harvard Medical School's Joslin Diabetes Center and Schulze Diabetes Institute at University of Minnesota, Diabetes Research Institute in Miami, FL, etc.       

2) Providing funds to the John Hopkins Wilmer Eye Free Screening Clinic in Baltimore, MD which provides free screening for diabetic retinopathy and laser treatment for those that require it.        

3) Providing a Certified Diabetes Educator two days a week at the Federal Center Shelters in Washington, DC & Herndon, Virginia to provide self-management education to the residents of the shelter and attendees at the clinic. The Federal Center Shelter is the largest homeless shelter in the District of Columbia.       

4) Providing free diabetes medical necklaces to people with diabetes. People with diabetes are urged to wear such identification because certain acute changes in their condition can cause them to lose their ability to communicative effectively thereby preventing or inhibiting their ability to help themselves.       

5) Education, counseling and supporting people with diabetes via our toll-free help line. Our help line is staffed by registered nurses with expertise in the field of diabetes. Help line staff follow established protocols and teaching outlines when delivering health information. They also use national directories when providing referrals for other health services needed by callers. Many of the people who use this help line are uninsured and therefore cannot obtain diabetes education, counseling or other assistance from health care providers in their own community.        

6) Providing diabetes self-management education via monthly newsletter. Diabetes Wellness News is designed to provide both core knowledge of interest to those who have mastered basic self-management skills. Each quarter the letter is accompanied by a pocket size health diary in which notes about medications, blood sugar readings, exercise and food intake can be recorded.        

7) Providing the Diabetes Weight Loss System, a source book for people with diabetes who are overweight and looking for help in venturing into the world of healthy living.         

8) Producing Health Retreats / Expositions / Diabetes Transplant Summits, featuring speakers and exhibits in the area of diabetes and healthy living in order to provide information to diabetics through unique and motivating programs so that people feel empowered to make their own health care decisions.        

9) Provides diabetes literature on various diabetes topics by request and at community health fairs, church groups, support groups, businesses, etc as well provides diabetes screenings at health fairs. Also, provides presentations to community groups, corporations and government agencies.