$350 covers the cost of a mobile outreach clinic for flu vaccines.

The Caring Foundation of Texas

PURPOSE: Currently, 2.5 million children living in Texas go without all the necessary immunizations to lead healthy, happy lives due to a lack of affordability and access to medical care. Yet, immunizing children is one of the most direct, simple and least expensive ways to build healthier futures for medically underserved families in Texas. For more than two decades, the primary goal of the Caring for Children Foundation of Texas' Care Van Program has been to provide free life-saving vaccines to medically uninsured or underserved Texas children. In addition to life-saving vaccines, the program collaborates with health departments, schools and community organizations across the state to provide oral care, hearing and vision screenings, and health education.         

MISSION: The mission of the Caring for Children Foundation of Texas is to provide improved access to immunizations for medically uninsured and underserved Texas children as well as targeted preventative and health education services. 

PROGRAM BENEFITS: Using its fleet of specially customized mobile immunization "Care Vans", the Care Van Program is able to serve as a "mobile clinic" by visiting schools, houses of worship, restaurants, shopping centers, public housing and neighborhood events to conduct immunization outreach in the communities where medical and/or public health services are limited. Immunizations provided are those recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Texas Department of Health and Human Services; including but not limited to new immunizations, "booster" vaccine updates, and influenza vaccine. Specifically, mobile outreach clinics are often facilitated during the evening hours and/or the weekend for the convenience of working parents. It's the only statewide program of its kind.          

RESULTS: Since 1997, the Care Van Program has reached nearly 919,700 children and provided almost 1.5 million vaccines through August 2022; a significant achievement in the area of public health. Over the past several years, the program has also provided dental screenings and sealants to nearly 395,000 children and over 669,000 additional health screenings including blood pressure checks, glucose screenings, body fat analysis and strength testing during community health events.  All services are provided by licensed health care providers, community volunteers and emergency medical service personnel.        

For more information, visit us at www.carevan.org; follow us on Twitter @carevantexas and Facebook - Caring for Children Foundation of Texas.