One of America's Charities' core services is supporting employers and nonprofits through workplace giving by: 

But What Exactly is Workplace Giving?

Workplace giving campaigns can take many different forms, but they are typically annual, employer-sponsored programs that offer employees the opportunity to make a charitable contribution through payroll deduction. 

There are three sectors of campaigns administered annually:

(1) The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

  • Established by the United States government in 1961 as a way for federal workers to support charity, the CFC is the world’s largest annual workplace charity campaign and has raised more than $8 billion for nonprofits over the past 50 years.
  • Approximately 4 million federal employees (civilian, military, and postal workers) are solicited annually. The CFC is not a single campaign though; rather it is made up of nearly 150 individual CFC campaigns throughout the country and overseas that take place between September 1 and December 15 each year. 
  • There is no need for America's Charities nonprofit members to make multiple applications because America’s Charities makes a single application on your behalf for inclusion in all of these campaigns. 

(2) State and Local Public Sector Campaigns

  • Workplace giving campaigns that include public employees paid through public funds (i.e. state, municipal, county, public school, public college, and university employees). 
  • Participating members of America’s Charities’ State and Local campaign program benefit from the opportunity to have their charity listed in over 100 State and Local Campaigns in 22 states (and growing), annually in the public sector. America’s Charities applies to every campaign for which we are eligible and raised more than $2.8 million for our members in 2013.
  • Most states have unique registration requirements for charities that participate in any type of fundraising activity.  You must be registered with the state before participating in campaigns within that state. America’s Charities’ Client Engagement Services team can walk you through the State and Local campaign program to see if it’s a good fit for your organization.

(3) Private Sector Campaigns

  • Workplace giving campaigns conducted annually by private corporations or organizations.
  • Between private sector campaigns that list America’s Charities members, and private sector campaigns that America’s Charities manages, our members are presented to thousands of employees in nearly 150 private sector campaigns each year.