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#GivingTuesday is December 3, 2019!

We've compiled resources, ideas, and tips to help you leverage this global day of giving for your organization.

Stop! Before you read on, download our free white paper, "7 Ways to Leverage Your Company’s Social Responsibility Initiatives With #GivingTuesday." We elaborate on most of the ideas listed below in this short paper.

Giving Tuesday Corporate Crowdfunding Guide

Note: We regularly counsel employers to help them turn #GivingTuesday into a day of giving and engagement at their organizations. If you are an America's Charities client and we haven't yet had a conversation, contact us here (or reach out to your primary point of contact) for assistance and advice. ​

  • Hold a workplace giving campaign: Workplace giving is one of the most cost-effective ways to raise money for charitiesWhether you are new to workplace giving or have been doing it for years, plan your campaign and leverage your campaign as a primary donation destination on #GivingTuesday. Use this event to excite and unite employees around this global day of giving. You can use #GivingTuesday as a reason to push for donations, or use the holiday as a reason to share your campaign results with your employees and the public. America's Charities can help you get started.  Click here to learn more about and request a demo of our employee giving platforms. To quickly launch a campaign in 2-3 days, ask us about our Quick Start giving solution.

  • Matching Gifts: Remind employees of your matching gift policy and encourage them to make a gift on #GivingTuesday using your online giving campaign. If you need help facilitating a matching gift program, contact America's Charities. Our online giving solutions can be used for matching gift programs and we can also help you process and distribute funds with our funds management solutions. Plus, leverage your relationship with your nonprofit partners by informing them of the free matching gift tools they can take advantage of as an America's Charities member, which you can learn more about here.

  • Share Results & Thank Employees: By #GivingTuesday, many of you will have completed your annual employee giving campaign and other corporate philanthropy initiatives. Use the holiday as a reason to share results from your philanthropic and volunteer initiatives from the past year and opportunities for the coming year – and also as another opportunity to thank employees for their support.

  • Donate Time & Talent: Give employees a paid day to volunteer at a charity of their choice or select a charity that could benefit from your team’s skills and donate your expertise to that charity for a day or use #GivingTuesday to announce your commitment to provide pro bono services to that charity on an ongoing basis. Our all-in-one employee giving solution makes it easy for employers to track and record employee volunteer time, and makes it easy for employees to find volunteer opportunities near them.

  • Hold a Drive: Collect food, clothing, books or pet supplies to donate to a local charity. Our all-in-one employee giving solution can facilitate all sorts of giving and volunteering campaigns, including fundraisers and drives.

  • Charity Speaker: Invite a nonprofit leader from your company’s signature cause area to speak to employees about its work. Connecting employees directly with a charity your company cares about and educating them about the cause will encourage employees to contribute to that cause. Not sure which nonprofit to invite? We encourage you to start with America's Charities' 140+ nonprofit members

  • Announce a New Charitable Commitment: Use #GivingTuesday to publish a press release announcing a new nonprofit partnership or commitment to a specific cause.

  • Social Media/Company Intranet: Use your social platforms or employee communication tools to post messages in support of the #GivingTuesday movement and encourage employees to share with each other why giving is important to them.

  • Donate: Encourage your employees to give through your workplace giving campaign.  If your workplace giving campaign is over, your employees are welcome to donate to multiple charities via credit card using America’s Charities website, www.charities.org/charities, or talk to us about our Simply Giving solution, which we can quickly set up to host your company's #GivingTuesday campaign. 

  • Become a #GivingTuesday Partner: By becoming a #GivingTuesday Partner, you can submit a photo and story about how your organizations is making an impact. Your story will be shared with #GivingTuesday’s network and published on the #GivingTuesday website. Visit www.givingtuesday.org/join and select “Become a Partner.”

  • Check out #GivingTuesday Gives Your Corporate Philanthropy a Huge Boost (Source: Causecast)