Charitable Funds Management and Strategy Development Services

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Charitable Funds Management and Strategy Development Services

America's Charities' charitable funds management and strategy development services are designed to help scale your organization’s program more easily with the necessary resources to achieve your giving, volunteering, and social impact goals. These services can either be used in conjunction with our comprehensive suite of employee engagement and giving technology solutions, or as stand-alone services to complement your existing platform or program. 

Charitable Funds Management Services: 

Since 1980, America’s Charities has distributed more than $750 million for more than 20,000 nonprofits nationwide. Receiving, reconciling, and distributing employee-designated donations has been a core competency since our inception. Each year, we process over 1 million transactions and send approximately 40,000 payments to qualified nonprofits. 

Our Standard Funds Management Services Include:

 charitable funds management - risk mitigationEfficient Data Aggregation: We collect and compile employee donations and information based on data generated and provided by:

  • Our client organizations and partner’s clients
  • Partners and sources such as credit card companies, etc.

Risk Mitigation: To safeguard donations we:

  • Reconcile funds received against donor designations based on partner-provided data
  • Ensure all charities receiving donations are qualified and in good standing with the IRS at the time of distribution and not on the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) list
  • Notify our partner of any charities designated by donors that are no longer qualified to receive donations
  • Contact donors about re-designating their gift if their original designated charity is no longer qualified to receive donations (America’s Charities will make two attempts to contact the donor.)

Accurate and Timely Funds Distribution: To ensure accurate and timely disbursement of donations to designated charities we:

  • Disburse funds to donor-designated charities each month
  • Do not require a minimum amount to be reached before a disbursement is made, nor does America’s Charities charge any extra fees for paper checks
  • Manage returned checks/payments from charities by conducting additional research to verify the proper address and contact information of the designated charity, and then reissue payment

Extensive Reporting & Help Desk Support: For partners’ strategic purposes and for donors’ peace of mind we:

  • Provide multi-channel support – phone, email, or online chat – to assist donors with questions about their donations (our support team has a 95% satisfaction rate)
  • Give charities access to reports and Help Desk support regarding the disbursements made from donors using the partner’s technology platform
  • Provide partners with status updates and reports of donation disbursements 

Strategy Development Services

America's Charities offers expert consulting services to support your corporate social responsibility & engagement strategies in these areas:

  • Strategy creation for measurable social responsibility and employee engagement programs that align with your corporate culture and employee values
  • Evaluation and assessment of social responsibility and employee engagement goals
  • Survey design and implementation to include senior management input and employee feedback
  • Program analysis and alignment of company programs, nonprofit support, and employee engagement goals
  • Benchmarking against competitors or companies for best practices, trends, and solutions


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