World Diabetes Day is November 14th

If "diabetes" were a country, it would be the third largest in the world, behind China and India. More than 370 million people are now living with diabetes and millions more are at risk.

While November is National Diabetes Month, and today in particular, researchers and nonprofits around the world unite to commemorate World Diabetes Day, the need for continued research towards treatments and cures remains strong.

Stand together with leading researchers and charities worldwide to help cure diabetes. In recognition of World Diabetes Day on November 14, 2023, America's Charities is celebrating the following members who are making a difference in the fight to end diabetes.

One of the most cost-efficient ways you can support these nonprofits is to donate to them via payroll deduction through your employer's workplace giving program (Don't have a program? Click here to have your employer contact our team.) Click on each charity's name below to learn more about their work, and to make a donation now!

Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation
Funds scientific research into treating and curing diabetes, as well as providing screenings and education programs to save lives from blindness, kidney failure, and amputations.

Diabetes Research Institute Foundation
Funds and supports research aimed at developing a biological cure by restoring natural insulin production and normalizing blood sugar levels without imposing other risks.

Feeding America
A nationwide network of 200 member food banks that provide food to more than 46 million people, including 12 million children and 7 million seniors, through 60,000 food pantries and meal programs and engage more than 2 million volunteers monthly in communities across the U.S. Feeding America has conducted deep research into Diabetes and focuses on nutrition to prevent Diabetes and other diseases tied to poor quality diet.