Webinar Recording Now Available: How to Host Successful Employee Volunteer Events Despite the Pandemic

Watch Now! Learn How to Host Volunteer Events Inclusive of Employees Who Work Remotely, in Person, in Hybrid Situations, and at All Levels of Your Company

Did you miss our April 8th webinar, "How to Host Successful Employee Volunteer Events Despite the Pandemic," hosted by America's Charities and Give To Get? Watch a recording of the webinar now

During the presentation, America's Charities President and CEO Jim Starr was joined by Give To Get's Account Director Amber Greviskes and Sr. Manager, Social Impact Programs Tory Woods in a conversation about topics including:

  • What companies can do to actually get people to act on their desire to volunteer,
  • How Give To Get’s approach ensures a meaningful volunteer experience that truly benefits all parties,
  • How the pandemic has affected employee volunteer campaigns from planning to implementation, and
  • How companies can shift from measuring outputs and focus on actual outcomes. 

Along with the case studies and examples presented in the webinar recording, you can also access a PDF copy of the presentation and a list of helpful resources and tools to help you plan and implement your company's next employee volunteer event.

Click here to watch the recording now.