Watch Now: How to Host Successful Employee Volunteer Events Despite the Pandemic

Host Volunteer Events Inclusive of Employees Who Work Remotely, in Person, in Hybrid Situations, and at All Levels of Your Company


Along with the case studies and examples presented in this presentation, you can also access a PDF copy of the presentation here.

Presentation Synopsis

How do you successfully host volunteer events despite the pandemic? Now and in the future, volunteer events will need to transform to include individuals who work remotely, in hybrid situations, in person, and at various levels of the company.

In this presentation, America’s Charities President and CEO Jim Starr is joined by Give To Get‘s Account Director Amber Greviskes and Sr. Manager, Social Impact Programs Tory Woods in a discussion about:

  • How the pandemic has affected employee volunteer campaigns from planning to implementation
  • How to create an employee volunteer program that includes all types of employees from full-time corporate employees to hourly workers – and how to get all of your markets involved
  • How to actually get people to act on their desire to volunteer through your company’s volunteer program
  • How to determine the best type of virtual project for your group based on number of volunteers, interests, location, and availability
  • The benefits and drawbacks of various virtual programs such as fundraisers, skills-based / project-based volunteering, skills-based / one-on-one interactions, and hands-on / group volunteering
  • Tips to create an engaging environment for your volunteers regardless of the project such as driving and tracking program participation, seamless event flow and pacing, creating connection between volunteers and nonprofit partners, and channeling post-event energy into more action
  • How companies can shift from measuring outputs and focus on actual outcomes and true impact

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