Recap: Hurricane Matthew

America's Charities Disaster Recovery Fund presented by Center for Disaster Philanthropy

This past fall, Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti as a category 4 storm and continued its destructive march north, wreaking havoc on Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Millions were left without power and water for days, with damages from the storm in the $4-6 billion range for insures properties (much higher for uninsured). Thankfully, several generous donors stepped up to help these residents recover by donating to the America’s Charities Disaster Recovery Fund – Hurricane Matthew.

America’s Charities worked with our partner, the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, to identify where the need was greatest and where donations would have the most meaningful impact. After diving deep into the needs of those impacted by Hurricane Matthew, CDP identified the The Salvation Army - Durham as the nonprofit to receive support.

Hurricane Matthew was relentless and made pre-existing conditions such as homelessness and food security even worse.  But The Salvation Army – Durham team helped residents in the surrounding communities weather the storm by providing shelter, clean drinking water, and more.

Below you can see how your contribution helped make a difference:

Hurricane Matthew - Salvation Army Durham response statistics

For more photos and updates on The Salvation Army – Durham’s response to Hurricane Matthew, you can visit their website at

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