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Madeline Evans of Henryville, Ind., walks the parking lot of her elementary school, March 3, 2012. The school and much of her town was devastated by a large tornado less the day before.

America's Charities Disaster Recovery Fund presented by Center for Disaster Philanthropy

When disaster strikes, there is an arc to charitable giving. We give immediately because we want to respond quickly. But our attention, and our giving, is quickly focused elsewhere. However, the ongoing needs of the affected community are frequently unmet and even increase with time. The goal of long-term recovery is often outside our scope of understanding. For example, few of us could foresee that after the devastating earthquakes that nearly leveled Nepal in April and May 2015, human trafficking would affect the recovery process, along with impacting the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter.

You can change that.

All donations to the America's Charities Disaster Recovery Fund, presented by Center for Disaster Philanthropy, are allocated to nonprofits that are dedicated to long-term recovery efforts for a given disaster.

Your donation dollars are distributed based on in-depth research conducted by the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP). By diving deep into each disaster, CDP will identify the ongoing challenges and unpack the issues for donors. America's Charities will disperse donations as the needs of the disaster dictates, and we'll be in touch every step of the way so you know specifically how your donation has advanced the recovery process. We'll share as many stories and pictures of those nonprofits on the ground that we can.

And we'll make sure you know just how important and powerful your donation dollars are. 90 cents of every dollar donated will go directly to the nonprofits who are serving the long-term needs of the community. Of the remaining 10 cents, five cents will go to America’s Charities for funds management and processing, donor stewardship including tax receipting, donor acknowledgements, providing impact reports and more, and five cents will go to CDP for their in-depth research and nonprofit relationship management.

So you can give immediately, when the disaster hits your heart as well as your news feed. But your donation will go further to meet the demands of the impacted community over time. Guided by thoughtful disaster analysis, each dollar will be used to its full potential. Through strategic disaster giving, you will help communities recover and rebuild for many generations to come.  

What are you waiting for? Give today and start making a long-term impact.

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