Sarah Ford | October 15, 2012

I would like YOU to join our Board of Directors:

America’s Charities is looking for candidates to serveWe Want You to Join our Board of Directors on our Board of Directors and I would like to personally invite you to apply. 

Before you say, “Absolutely, sign me up!” or “I’m way over extended already,” I would like to tell you a little about what this special job entails and why it might (or might not) be the perfect opportunity for you.

What exactly does America’s Charities do?

To be succinct –
We grow greater giving by connecting donors with charities through workplace giving campaigns and other employer-based philanthropic initiatives.  Our objective is to create a sustainable stream of unrestricted dollars for our member charities.

The slightly longer answer –
Our members reflect the diversity of the American people:
America’s Charities represents a highly diverse and inclusive group of more than 150 national and local charities (click here for a list) that make a significant impact each and every day.  Our members hold a wide spectrum of differing philosophies and beliefs, and deliver solutions for all sorts of issues and causes – from animal rights, to eradicating poverty and hunger, to providing various human services and education opportunities, to researching and curing disease, to safeguarding civil and human rights. 

We’re growing giving:

  • Each year, billions of dollars are donated to charities through workplace giving campaigns in the United States.  In fact, workplace-giving campaigns produce charitable gifts that are unrestricted, sustainable, and about three to four times larger in size than the average one-time gift made by an individual donor. 
  • To help our member charities gain access to that workplace giving money, America’s Charities ensures that they are presented as a giving choice to nearly 10 million public and private sector employees at hundreds of workplace giving programs each year. 
  • We do this by forming partnerships with employers (click here for a list).  We manage workplace-giving programs, offer fiscal services (processing and distributing donations to charities), and provide employers with strategic corporate social responsibility and philanthropy advice.

For the unabridged answer, I encourage you to browse our web site to learn more about our organization and to meet our current group of dedicated Board Directors.

Our dream candidate

We are seeking candidates with a range of experience and expertise that can help advance America’s Charities strategic plan.  Specifically, we are seeking prospective candidates who can:

  1. Help access key decision-makers with private sector employers and industries in order to secure more participation in private sector employee workplace giving campaigns by America’s Charities member charities.
  2. Advance America’s Charities capacity in leveraging social media and technology.
  3. Continue ensuring America’s Charities financial integrity from a governance fiduciary perspective.
  4. Help recruit new member charities that meet America’s Charities eligibility criteria and with a likelihood for success in employee workplace giving.
  5. Assist in increasing brand awareness of America’s Charities as a leader in employee workplace giving and employee engagement.
  6. Provide pro-bono services and guidance in the HR/benefits/employee relations and related areas.
  7. Provide pro-bono services in public relations and brand awareness.
  8. Serve a minimum of one three-year term up to three consecutive three-year terms.
  9. Attend/participate in all four Board Meetings (two in person and two via teleconference) as well as a two-day annual Board Retreat and Strategic Planning Session.  

For more information click on the links below:     

Let me know if you look like our dream candidate and can fulfill the responsibilities and meet the expectations

Submit an email expressing your interest along with brief biographical information in attachment form and/or a link to your LinkedIn profile to me, Steve Delfin, President & CEO, America’s Charities at  Or if you know someone else who should apply, please share this information with them.  If you have additional questions about this position, please contact me at and I’d be happy to share more with you.

Ask Steve about workplace giving and strategies to grow giving at work.

Click here to learn more about Steve.

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