Our Professional Leadership Team

America’s Charities brings to the marketplace a team of some of the most experienced professional workplace giving specialists in the nation, with over 200 years of combined fundraising and not-for-profit organization management and program experience.

Stephen M. Delfin

President and CEO

Arnold G. Swope

Executive Vice President & Chief People Strategy Officer

Barbara Funnell

Senior Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer

Denise Gustafson

Vice President of Fiscal Services

Scott Black

Senior Vice President & Chief Customer Officer

Pamela Walker

System Wide Database Administrator

Lynne D. Filderman

Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Yulanda Grant

Office Manager

You can reach all of our staff members by telephone by calling (703) 222-3861. Listed below are the e-mail addresses.

Steve Delfin – sdelfin@charities.org
Arnold Swope – aswope@charities.org
Barbara Funnell – bfunnell@charities.org
Scott Black – sblack@charities.org
Pam Walker – pwalker@charities.org
Yulanda Grant – ygrant@charities.org
Courtney Marx - cmarx@charities.org

Communications & Media Relations
Lynne Filderman  – Lfilderman@charities.org
Tamara Bibby – tbibby@charities.org
Jeff Brown – jbrown@charities.org
Sarah Ford - sford@charities.org
David Stathisdstathis@charities.org

Sook Suragiatssuragiat@charities.org
Maria Elena Duenas – meduenas@charities.org

Fiscal Services
Denise Gustafson – dgustafson@charities.org
Lavelle Donnelly – ldonnelly@charities.org
Maria C. Duenasmcduenas@charities.org
Ruth Owens – rowens@charities.org
Catherine O’Connor – coconnor@charities.org
Ann Lee  – alee@charities.org

Member & Campaign Service
Robyn Neal – rneal@charities.org
Meredith Jones – mjones@charities.org
Geoffrey Rixongrixon@charities.org
Emily BernhardsEBernhards@charities.org
Danielle Oliver - DOliver@charities.org

Business and Campaign Development
Roseanne Warkrwark@charities.org
Charisse Browner – cbrowner@charities.org
Regina Hendrix – rhendrix@charities.org
Claudia Cardwell - ccardwell@charities.org