How new tech startup Pinkaloo is using its platform to personalize charitable giving at work

Pinkaloo founder and CEO, Gideon Taub

America's Charities Modern Giving Employer Workplace Solution

Just outside of Baltimore, MD, a new technology startup company, called Pinkaloo, is helping set the stage for a more modern way for employees to give through the workplace.

In a joint press release earlier this month, Pinkaloo announced its partnership with America's Charities to bring employers and their employees a new workplace giving option known as the America’s Charities Modern Giving Solution, which is powered by Pinkaloo's technology platform.

Gideon Taub, CEO of Pinkaloo, founded the company on the idea that charitable giving funds should be able to be set aside and supported as part of the process of getting paid, like a health savings account. 

In addition to Pinkaloo's partnership with America's Charities, the startup also recently announced its partnership with payroll services provider ADP and it's participation as one of 10 companies that began the D.C.–based PeaceTech Accelerator earlier this summer. 

You can read more about Pinkaloo and its new partners in this article.


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