America's Charities Modern Giving Solution

Put employees in the driver's seat while growing your corporate philanthropy

America's Charities Modern Giving Employer Workplace Solution

Introducing America's Charities' Modern Giving solution — the newest addition to our suite of employee giving and engagement technology options for companies! 

What Employee Donors Want:

According to our Snapshot Employee Donor Research, one of the top five detractors from an employee donor's giving experience is the limited ability to donate how and when they want. And among the biggest obstacles to giving is affordability, with about 1 in 8 Americans surveyed in Thrivent Financial's Money Mindset Report saying it’s because they “can’t give enough to make a difference.”

America's Charities' Modern Giving solution, powered by Pinkaloo, addresses all of this by putting the power into the hands of employees, while simultaneously helping employers maximize employee engagement and their impact in the community.

With an America's Charities' Modern Giving Account, your employees can better budget for and manage their charitable donations (similar to how a Venmo® or Health Savings account (HSA) works, and more accessible than a traditional donor-advised fund, but with the same advantages). Our Modern Giving solution helps your company scale its social impact while giving employees exactly what they want – a way to donate to charities and causes that matter to them however and whenever they want. 

How it Works:

America's Charities Modern Giving Employer Workplace Solution

Your company signs-up to give your employees access to America's Charities' Modern Giving solution.

With multiple types of payment methods to select from, your employees can decide how much money to set aside in their Modern Giving account each paycheck, each month, or all at once (they decide the frequency and pledge amount). As soon as they contribute money to their account, they immediately get a tax receipt. 

Your employees can choose which charities to donate to when they want:

  • right away,
  • on the spur of a moment as events arise (i.e. disaster recovery), or
  • over time when they are ready and have saved up money in their account (i.e. over the course of a month or several months) and have had a chance to explore charities that match their passions. 

Keep charity tax receipts all in one central location

Plus, your employees can easily upload their tax receipts from donations they've made through other platforms into their America's Charities' Modern Giving account, empowering them to keep all of their tax receipts together in one, central location - making tax time a breeze. 

Want more information? Read our press release here and our blog post, The Next Generation of Workplace Giving, here. also just published an article about it, which you can read here.

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America's Charities Modern Giving powered by Pinkaloo

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