A historic day for America, marriage equality is the law of the land

Same-sex marriage supreme court ruling, SPLC

What a great day for our country!

With today’s historic U.S. Supreme Court ruling, marriage equality for the LGBT community is now enshrined in our Constitution.

Earlier lower-court decisions reaching the same result helped propel a positive change in public attitudes. We hope this ruling will do the same – because we still have a lot of work to do, particularly in the Deep South, where old attitudes are most slow to change. 

Members of the LGBT community, like our client Tristan Broussard, are still being fired from their jobs because of who they are. People like our client Ashley Diamond are still fighting to receive medical care for the same reason. And LGBT people everywhere are still at risk of being the victims of violent hate crimes by those with hate in their hearts.

We’ll have to continue to fight for the rights of the LGBT community for years to come. 

But, today, we pause to celebrate. A tremendous battle has been won.

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