America's Charities | December 5, 2022

Happy holidays from America’s Charities! We have a lot to celebrate with you, including our new mission and vision

Thanks to your generosity and compassion, we’ve raised and distributed more than $800 million for more than 25,000 nonprofits globally through the workplace giving, matching gifts, disaster relief, and volunteer programs we manage each year for corporate, federal, state, and local government employers. Those donations provide sustainable, unrestricted funds that are critical to helping nonprofits build vibrant and equitable communities, ensure widespread health and safety, celebrate and support the humanities and living cultures, and preserve and nurture a sense of place and a healthy planet for future generations.

That is something to celebrate during this joyous season, in and of itself, but we have even more to celebrate with you!

Empowering businesses and their employees to help each other and the community around them is at the heart of everything America’s Charities does – it’s what has always guided our mission. As we look ahead to bringing about this collective social good in 2023 and beyond, we’ve taken a moment to look back at how far we’ve come and some of the new ways our organization is helping our partners meet the moment’s greatest needs.

That’s why we are proud to share our new mission and vision with you:


Mobilize the power of giving to improve the world.



A shared culture of impactful giving.

We were founded in 1980 when four nonprofits asked us to represent them in the CFC, which was the world’s largest workplace giving campaign at the time and those nonprofits were excluded from being a choice for donors to support. Then, in 2002 a group of about 16 private sector employers asked us to manage their workplace giving campaigns so they could provide their employees with an easier, more inclusive way to support their favorite charities and causes. In 2019, we piloted an Employee Assistance Fund (EAF) program for a handful of companies who wanted to support their workforce. America’s Charities has grown this new service substantially facilitating more than 150 new Employee Assistance Funds (EAFs) for employers to date, managing more than $20 million in grants designated to help employees cope with unexpected financial hardships.

And last month, in celebration of National Scholarship Month/National Education Month, which takes place in November each year, America’s Charities unveiled its newest service offering: a Scholarship Program designed to make policy development and the application and grant administration process easier for organizations to deliver educational opportunities for students, support professional advancement for employees, and build a better-educated workforce for the community.

Our Scholarship Program is the latest service offering, but won’t be the last, as we continuously strive to provide easier and better ways for you – our partners and social change stakeholders – to make the world a better place.

Thank you for your commitment to the community! We look forward to your continued partnership in 2023 and wish you and your team a wonderful New Year, filled with the joy, peace, and hope you’ve given to others.

2022 America's Charities impact at a glance


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