Sarah Ford | May 17, 2016

Isolating the Answers to Causes and Finding a Cure for Leukemia

Children's Leukemia Research AssociationFifty years ago a child diagnosed with leukemia lived at best 6 months. Today children are living 5 years, 10 years and in some cases are in permanent remission, thanks to research that has brought advancements in chemotherapy, drugs and transplants.

For over 50 years, the Children’s Leukemia Research Association (CLRA) has been on the leading edge of research, stimulating and facilitating the opportunity for new avenues of investigation. Using contributions, including those made from employees who donate through their company’s workplace giving campaign, CLRA’s Medical Advisory Committee, which consists of prominent internationally known and respected hematologists, reviews research proposals submitted from doctors nationwide and funds research grants each year in hopes of isolating the causes and finding a cure for this disease. In addition to a $100,000 Research Grant that CLRA has awarded the Dana Farber Cancer Institute for the past few years, CLRA typically gives four or five Research Grants, averaging $30,000 in value, to doctors and hospitals each year.

How Can Your Company Help?

Financial support, particularly donations made through workplace giving, is one of the most efficient ways your company and its employees can support CLRA’s mission. Workplace giving empowers your employees to donate a larger sum of money more feasibly thanks to the way their pledge is deducted from their paycheck via smaller amounts throughout the year. 

Example of Your Company and Employee’s Potential Impact:


Children's Leukemia Research Association ImpactLeukemia and Lymphoma Awareness month is September.  Let’s say your company decides to hold a workplace giving campaign in September, focused on raising money for CLRA.  Your company has 500 employees and 20% (or 100 employees) decide to support CLRA. 


If each of those 100 employees donates a total amount of $300 to CLRA (approximately $11.54 deducted from their paycheck each pay period), that would total about $30,000 in donations to CLRA from employees at your company – that’s enough to fund 1 research grant to a doctor or hospital searching for a cure to leukemia. Your company’s impact could be even greater if you incentivize employees through a matching gifts program

Get Started and Learn More:

To learn more about the Children’s Leukemia Research Association (CLRA), a member of America’s Charities, visit their website at For online giving technology and solutions to facilitate your workplace giving campaign, contact America’s Charities today.  America’s Charities has been mobilizing the workforce to affect social change through employee giving and other company philanthropic initiatives for over 35 years and we have raised more than $650 million of sustainable funds for more than 10,000 nonprofits as a result. 

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