Kimberly Young | September 15, 2016

Engaging Employees Real Talk: Why Wait?

It’s September. Yikes!

Summer vacations are ended. Kids are back in school. The Fall giving season is ramping up. CSR and employee engagement leaders are prepped to inspire their employees to give back to their communities. Bins are going out as we speak to collect school supplies, food, and pretty soon holiday gifts, before the year ends.

You’ve been working on starting an employee giving campaign. The associates at your company are eager to support the causes they care about. Your leadership is waiting to get started. But you are a team of one or two and getting started seems daunting. Can it wait another year?

There may be a number of things you should wait for (like for the light to turn green before walking into oncoming traffic), but engaging employees in causes they care about is NOT one of them. It’s good business to support employee interests. According to our Snapshot 2015 research, 70 percent of companies report their employees expect this type of support and yours do too. Need more data? Go here to see what the experts say.

So why wait?

Here are the top reasons we usually hear in support of waiting:

Reason #1 – We are a small team or we have no team at all.

Why wait when there is support to extend your capacity? For more than 35 years, America’s Charities has supported people like you and organizations like yours to inspire employees to give to causes they care about. We are an extension of your team, and we are ready to assist you with a simple solution, to coordinate with payroll and distribute the funds.

Reason #2 – We are inundated with projects and it will take too long to vet charities and set it up.

Why wait when there is an uncomplicated, straightforward giving solution that takes the guess work out of the implementation? America’s Charities provides out-of-the box, easy to use resources, including:

  • Access to vetted nonprofits
  • A photo library
  • Charity stories and impact statements
  • Sample communications templates and more to help employers engage their employees throughout the campaign, and
  • Best-in-class support, and more.

Reason #3 – Although we planned to get started this year, we’ve talked to several companies and realize we haven’t budgeted enough.

Why wait when there is a low cost solution? America’s Charities’ simplified model saves on costs but doesn’t cut quality. Whether costs are shared or if the company plans to pick up the full tab there are options. Let’s talk.

Almost forgot Reason #4 – (I love this one!) We need to survey our employees first.

Why wait when we can help with that, too?

So why wait?  You tell me, is there really a reason to wait?

The America’s Charities Simple Employee Giving Solution was designed for you. It’s cost-effective, easy to set-up and manage, and features multiple giving options, real-time campaign monitoring and analytics, responsive design and much more.

I’d like to learn more about your particular needs and goals, so give me a call and let’s get started!  

Kimberly YoungAs America’s Charities’ Vice President of Business Development, Kimberly H. Young is responsible for expanding and enhancing employee engagement in the private sector.  She brings more than 20 years of experience that intersects the corporate, nonprofit, philanthropic, and faith communities. Learn more and connect with Kim.

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