Click here to view a campaign summary with photos and links to publications from our 2018 member advertising campaign.

Purpose of Campaign:

Exclusively available to current members of America's Charities, our annual Member Advertising Campaign, which runs during the peak giving season (typically between October - December), is an awareness campaign designed to reach active-duty military and Federal employees, as well as private sector employees primarily located in the Washington, D.C. market. 

America's Charities purchases multiple types of media in bulk volume and then bundles that media space into three tiered advertising packages, designed to meet members' various budget levels. Acquiring media in volume allows America's Charities’ members to achieve better overall pricing on multiple types of media that members otherwise might not be able to afford on their own. We offer three tiered advertising packages with prices typically ranging between $3k-18k.

How to Participate:

Members must sign up to participate in this ad campaign (it is not automatically included with your membership, but rather is available to you exclusively because you are a member). Registration for the ad campaign typically opens in April each year, with your organization's designated member rep, alternate rep, and marketing rep each on the list to receive email notifications about the campaign. 

Click here for more ad campaign details and to register.

Advertising Impact:

The delay between when donors see ads from our ad campaign and when reports of that donor pledge data from workplace giving first becomes available, along with the fact that donors can give through multiple workplace giving platforms (not all managed by America's Charities), makes it challenging to measure how directly the advertising campaign impacts a members’ pledge performance. However, using the most recent three years of complete member workplace giving pledge data, we’ve published an analysis intended to show a correlation between a members’ pledge performance and whether or not they participated in America’s Charities’ member ad campaign. Click here to view that impact analysis.