America's Charities Member Advertising Packages

Reserve your package for the 2020 ad campaign! Registration closes on June 24.

Purpose of campaign:America's Charities 2019 Member Fall Advertising Packages

Increase awareness about your nonprofit and reach military, Federal, and private sector employees during the peak giving season.

Click here for a copy of the 2020 ad campaign packages.

Who Can Participate?

This advertising campaign is exclusively available to current members of America's Charities.

Who Does the Campaign Reach?

With the National Capital Area CFC among the top-performing CFCs in the world, our advertising packages are designed to reach active-duty military and Federal employees, as well as private sector employees across the country. Historically, our campaign has targeted employee donors in the D.C. metro region. 

What Type of Media Does the Ad Campaign Utilize?

Our advertising packages include a mix of print, digital, social media, and streaming audio/video media ad space, to help your nonprofit amplify its brand visibility and reach more potential workplace giving donors during the peak giving season, October - December. Please review our 2020 Ad Packages linked above for an exact list of media included in each package this year. 

Campaign Benefits and Cost to Participate?

America's Charities purchases multiple types of media in bulk volume and then bundles that media space into tiered advertising packages, designed to meet members' various budget levels. Acquiring media in volume allows America's Charities to help its members achieve better overall pricing on multple types of media that members otherwise might not be able to afford. 

To encourage member participation, we offer tiered advertising packages with prices typically ranging between $500 - $18k. 

Dates and Information to Keep in Mind for Next Year's Campaign:

We try to keep the different packages priced around the same range each year, but based on the media purchased the prices will fluctuate year-to-year. For budget/planning purposes, view our 2020 Member Advertising Packages linked above. 

  • Advertising Packages: We typically start advertising the packages in April and send an email to your organization based on who you have chosen to be your America's Charities representative.
  • Early Bird Deadline: typically you need to reserve your ad package by end of May to receive a 10% discount.
  • Reservation Deadline: All reservations at the regular package price must be made by mid-June.
  • Artwork Deadline: We usually ask that you provide artwork for the campaign by mid-July.

Please email America's Charities' marketing team at if you have any questions or would like to discuss our advertising opportunities in more detail.