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$100 can provide a farmer with two years of lessons from a community farm trainer leading to an average yield increase of 60%.



TechnoServe was founded in 1968 by Connecticut businessman Ed Bullard. After volunteering at a hospital in Ghana, Bullard was inspired to start an organization to help hardworking rural people harness the power of private enterprise to lift themselves out of poverty.

Bullard's work was guided by two core principles: the power of private enterprise to transform people's lives, and the lasting value of providing a hand up rather than a handout.

These principles have remained at the heart of TechnoServe's approach even as its work has evolved to focus on improving living standards on a larger scale, to transform entire communities and countries.

Our experience has demonstrated that when people who are poor get connected to, and become integral and empowered players in, inclusive and effective market systems; they can unlock the potential for sustainable and resilient growth that can improve the future for themselves, their families and their broader community.

Today, TechnoServe works in poor communities in more than 29 countries throughout Africa, Latin America, and Asia. It helps to grow strong markets that create income, jobs, and wealth for poor people in the developing world. TechnoServe's programs develop capacity, helping individuals and communities acquire skills, share knowledge, and apply technologies needed to build successful farms and businesses; strengthen market connections, coordinating among industry players and connecting emerging businesses and farms to capital, networks, and suppliers; and improve the business environment, encouraging self-sustaining economic activity by addressing the policies, information, and incentives that help markets function better.

Last year, we supported over 325,152 farmers, over 2,980 businesses, creating 5,610 new jobs which together realized more than $61 million in incremental revenue. Additionally, TechnoServe is pleased to be on track for 40 percent of all our beneficiaries worldwide to be women. Indeed, in 2014 the majority of new jobs created by our partners were filled by women and over one-third of the small businesses we assisted were owned by women.

TechnoServe works in partnership with a multitude of public, corporate and private partners including USAID, USDA, UK Department for International Development, European Governments, The Coca Cola Company, Anglo American, Cargill, Walmart, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, ANDE and the Mastercard Foundation.