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America's Charities core values

Our Cause

As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity, America’s Charities mission is to mobilize the power of giving to improve the world.  Our vision is to create a shared culture of impactful giving.

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Our Impact

We bring nonprofits, employers, and employees from all sectors together to bring about collective social good.

As a trusted advisor, intermediary and implementing partner for these stakeholders of social change, America’s Charities has raised and distributed more than $900 million for more than 25,000 nonprofits globally and managed more than $30 million in grants designated to help employees impacted by disasters and other emergencies that create financial hardship.

Each year, America’s Charities applies on behalf of its nonprofit members to secure their participation in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), state and local campaigns, and private sector campaigns across the country, expanding their access to more potential donors while also providing donor and financial management services designed to lower nonprofit administrative and fundraising costs. The workplace giving, matching gift, and volunteer programs we manage each year for corporate, federal, state, and local government employers, provide a critical source of unrestricted, sustainable funding and volunteer resources that nonprofits rely on each year to keep their doors open and address a wide range of causes including education, environmental protection, human and civil rights, hunger, poverty, research and health services, animal welfare, veteran assistance, and disaster relief. Our Employee Assistance Fund programs and services provide employers increased flexibility around the types of hardships their funds can cover, lower their administrative burdens, and help employees afford unexpected costs incurred as a result of events like medical emergencies, natural disasters, and many other difficult situations.


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*Ranges calculated below based on payroll deductions from 24-26 total paychecks in a year.

How Your Workplace Donations & Matching Gifts Make a Difference:

$100 - $250

Total Annual Pledge

($5 - $10 per pay period)

A pledge of $5 per pay period ($130 total) or $20 per pay period ($520 total) will help us raise $1 billion of sustainable funding by 2026 to help high-impact charities meet the greatest demands before us such as climate change, homelessness, literacy, treatments and cures for cancer and heart disease, and myriad other issues.


$250 - $650

Total Annual Pledge

($15 - $25 per pay period)

A pledge of $15 per pay period ($390 total) helps cover the cost of registering one America’s Charities nonprofit member to be accepted to participate in a Federal, State, or Local county workplace giving campaign, granting that member access to thousands of potential donors.


$780 - $1300

Total Annual Pledge

($30 - $50 per pay period)

A pledge of $45 per pay period ($1,170 total) helps cover the cost of registering 2-6 America’s Charities nonprofit members to be accepted to participate in a State or Local county workplace giving campaign, resulting in anywhere between $1,500-$100,000 of funds raised for each of those members from generous donors like you.


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Boost This Organization's Impact Through Cause Funds

Designed to empower donors and employers to support America's Charities nonprofit members through workplace giving or as a stand-alone donation option, each fund focuses on a specific cause and features a selection of vetted America's Charities members working directly to address that cause.

Each donation to a fund is distributed equally between the America’s Charities nonprofit members featured in the fund. By supporting one or more of these funds, individuals and corporations alike can make a direct, meaningful difference.

You can help support this member charity through the following cause funds:

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