Watch Now! 5 Actionable Steps to Safely Unite Employees at In-Person Workplace Volunteer Events This Year


With vaccines readily available to Americans, the return to in-person events is fast approaching. For many of us, this will also include returning to the office in some capacity. In fact, a new Return to Office Survey conducted by Eden Workplace has found that after a year of COVID-19 quarantine, 85 percent of workers want to return to the office. A desire to be with coworkers is the #1 reason employees are looking forward to returning, with non-white and younger workers expressing the most enthusiasm.

If you have an established corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, then you already know that volunteering together strengthens relations among colleagues and is one of the best ways to re-engage employees as they return to the workplace. But how exactly can you do this safely?

This soup-to-nuts webinar hosted by America’s Charities President and CEO Jim Starr and Give To Get‘s Account Director Amber Greviskes and Sr. Manager, Social Impact Programs Tory Woods provides actionable steps for:

  1. Choosing an appropriate nonprofit partner,
  2. Securing a safe venue (and planning for remote options for those who are not ready – or able – to return to work yet),
  3. Recruiting attendees and communicating safety guidelines before the event,
  4. Implementing proper safety protocols, and
  5. Integrating your event into a larger company-wide return-to-work welcome.

Click here for a PDF copy of this presentation.

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