Best Practices for Employee Giving Programs


More and more companies are recognizing the important role employee giving and volunteer programs have in building and sustaining an engaged workforce. In fact, 88% of company executives believe these programs help attract and retain top talent. Yet many struggle with how to maximize the impact of these programs – for the company, the employees and their communities. Regardless if you’re new to employee giving or have been offering these programs to employees, this topic will provide you unique insights to the latest trends and research, and more importantly, walk you through the specific strategies and tactics required to have a wildly successful program. This topic will provide concrete tactics to executing the basic foundations of an inspiring and impactful effort. In addition, you’ll gain deeper insights into how best to measure the impact of your program.

After attending this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Describe the basic foundations for a successful employee giving effort.
  • Discuss several strategies to motivate employees to support charitable causes.
  • Explain how to design and implement a successful employee giving effort.
  • Review important success metrics for an employee giving effort.


Webinar Details:

Hosted by Lorman and presented by Jim Starr, President & CEO of America’s Charities,you can access a copy of this webinar by clicking below.

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