Employee Engagement that Sticks: Attract and Retain Top Talent


Disengaged employees are a big threat to your business with cost estimates of upwards of twice a person’s annual salary, not to mention the impact this has on employee recruitment. What’s the best way to attract and retain top talent? Create a culture of purpose.

A powerful social mission infuses company environments with positive opportunities to engage and retain employees. In fact, more than 50 percent of millennials accept a job based upon a company’s philanthropy. Companies with strong CSR programs have reductions in turnover by as much as 50 percent. After you watch this webinar, presented by America’s Charities Interim CEO, Jim Starr, and Causecast COO & GM, Go-to-Market, Laura Plato, you will be able to build an irresistible company with big impact on attracting and retaining top talent:

  • Engender the type of passion that creates a culture of evangelists
  • Develop a deeper sense of purpose within your company
  • Build a superb, innovative employer brand

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Employee recruitment trends from Snapshot 2015


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