Webinar: Drive Nonprofit Success with Google Analytics Intel


Webinar Recording:

What’s the ROI of your nonprofit’s marketing efforts?

Featuring expert advice from Whole Whale Founder and CEO, George Weiner, and moderated by America’s Charities Marketing Manager Sarah Ford, this 60-minute webinar hosted by America’s Charities, provides an overview of Google Analytics features and how information from Google Analytics can help nonprofits monitor and drive marketing and fundraising success.

Guest Speaker:

George is the Chief Whaler of Whole Whale, an adjunct professor at NYIT, and a board member of America’s Charities. Prior to that, George was the CTO of DoSomething.org. During his 7 years at DoSomething.org, he oversaw the overhaul of the site twice (winning a Webby Award), helping to build a community of over 1.5 million teens taking action.

George founded Whole Whale in 2010 with the goal of reducing the nonprofit education gap in data and technology. To date, Whole Whale has worked with over 50 nonprofits to multiply their online engagement, and has reached over 60,000 nonprofits through podcasts, video trainings and online resources. George is also a tech columnist for the Nonprofit Times and a frequent speaker at nonprofit conferences. More about George.


Sarah leads the development and execution of America’s Charities’ online content strategies, including managing its Google Analytics. Sarah helps execute workplace giving campaigns and annual events that nurture corporate client, member charity, and partner relationships.

Resources & Answers:

We received some excellent questions from the audience during this webinar, and Whole Whale provided a list of wonderful resources to address those questions and help nonprofits dive a little deeper into Google Analytics.



If your newsletter/donation page are on 3rd party sites will those be listed as tags rather than actual conversions? If you can add the GA code to the donation page, you can track it in GA. Many platforms give you the options under the Settings to add your own GA account # so you can track it. If that’s not an option, the best you can do is to track outbound links TO your donation page as a proxy for # donations.

 What are some great methods for a non-profit to integrate online and in person marketing to compliment each other?

We have a few ideas at wholewhale.com/impact. Use vanity URLs to check traffic to specific pages of your site from offline marketing or events.

If a page calls multiple elements (like images), do they count as multiple page views or just one?

As long as the page only has the GA javascript on it in one place, that will only fire ONE time when the page loads – so it will trigger just one pageview within GA. If the URL changes from a user behavior, that would probably trigger a second pageview.

About a month ago, I registered/set-up our website on GA…but I haven’t seen ANY traffic on my Dashboard (or anywhere) in GA. Do you recommend a place for me to learn more on the setting up? Not sure why there isn’t any traffic appearing.

Setting up a Google Analytics account is the first step – but adding the GA tracking code to your site is the crucial second step. I would guess the GA code hasn’t been added to your site.​

Why are Google Analytics important for nonprofits and how do I get buy-in from our leadership and others on my team?

Check out this article written by Whole Whale, “Creating Buy-in For A Data Culture at Your Nonprofit.”


Webinar Presentation:
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