Webinar: The Next Step – Evaluating and Sharing Your Impact

Hosted by SmartSimple, Featuring America's Charities


Defining your company’s values, goals, and KPIs is the first important step on your road to impact measurement—but what comes next is equally important. Determining how you will aggregate your data, how you’ll visualize and present that information, how to build your impact narrative – and how it should change over time – can be the difference between merely collecting data and actually evaluating and sharing your results in a meaningful way.

America’s Charities, which has inspired employees and organizations to support the causes they care about for 40 years, asked more than 750 companies what they were struggling with when it comes to impact measurement. In this webinar, Jim Starr, president and CEO of America’s Charities, and Dan Eardley, SmartSimple’s senior platform solution manager, answered the most common questions we heard from corporate leaders, such as how to:

  • Track, report, and communicate your collective impact – from employee giving and volunteering programs to grants and other corporate philanthropy initiatives – to stakeholders
  • Move from measuring activity and outputs (e.g. participation, dollars/time given) to outcomes
  • Utilize the right measurement, visualization, reporting, and/or sharing tools
  • Measure intangible data, such as outcomes, e.g., behavior change, engaged employees, benefit to community
  • Track metrics across multiple companies/business units/countries

While there is no one right way to collect and report data, there are proven practices that can help you evaluate and share your impact.

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Webinar Details:

Who: America's Charities, SmartSimple - and you.

What: A discussion and solutions for evaluating and sharing your impact

Watch Now: Watch the webinar recording here or on YouTube

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