Video Recordings from America’s Charities 2019 Collective Impact Conference

Thank you for your interest in viewing recordings from America’s Charities 2019 Collective Impact Conference. Click below to watch discussions from each of our conference panels.

The Giving Connection: Investing in Your Collective Impact 

Featured Speakers: Matthew Nelson, Corporate Vice President of Corporate Responsibility, New York Life; Heather Lofkin Wright, Corporate Responsibility Director, PwC US; and Wendi Safstrom, Executive Director SHRM Foundation

About this session: Typical employee wellness program elements include things like health club membership discounts, healthy choices on the lunchroom menu, step competitions or walk/run discounts, and smoke-free policies. But another great way to invest in employee health is through workplace giving. A wide range of research has linked different forms of generosity to better health. In fact, UnitedHealth Group’s 2017 Doing Good is Good for You Study found that 75 percent of U.S. adults feel physically healthier just by volunteering. The mental and emotional benefits of volunteering are even greater, with 93 percent reporting an improved mood, 79 percent reporting lower stress levels, and 88 percent reporting increased self-esteem by giving back. Furthermore, including an Employee Assistance Fund as part of your workplace giving and employee wellness program can help employees cope with personal issues that can have a negative impact on their job performance. This panel explores how such programs help companies set standards for employee engagement and foster a healthier, more positive workplace. Learn how all of these factors drive a company’s success – both internally and within the greater community.

Why High Tech + High Touch = Greater Impact

Featured Speakers: Tamara BibbyClient Engagement Manager at America’s Charities; Sarah Ford, Marketing Director at America’s Charities

About this session: The best giving programs combine premier giving technology with sincere, in-person engagement to provide a meaningful experience for employees. Hear from our staff on effective ways and examples of how to maximize your giving program and incentivize employee giving beyond the confines of a technology platform. 

Saving the World One Paycheck at a Time 

Featured Speakers: Diahann Smith, Senior Vice President, Human Resources at National Cooperative Bank (NCB); Steve Greenhalgh, Co-Founder and Principal at CSR Matters; Ashley Helsing, Director of Government Relations, National Down Syndrome Society; and Kat Williams, Director of Development, Animal Welfare League of Arlington 

About this session: In early 2019, America’s Charities launched an education campaign about the many facets and benefits of employee giving, and ultimately its positive influence on the world around us. Join us for the next installment of this important discussion and for a live and lively debate on where workplace giving is going, exclusive to conference attendees. Hear from industry stakeholders in this video on the real-world impact of workplace giving: how it affects nonprofits, employers, employees, and how it drives actionable change in our communities.