Snapshot 2014

Snapshot 2014 Report

Nearly 240 charitable organizations across the country were surveyed for Snapshot 2014, a report which examines key trends shaping corporate-nonprofit partnerships and explores how charities face new expectations around accountability, transparency and impact. 

Key Findings:

  1. Charities address higher expectations of donors. In the face of rising expectations, charities are responding to corporate, institutional and individual donors to better demonstrate greater accountability, transparency and results. 

  2. Digital culture allows nonprofits to engage with key stakeholders. Technology and the digital culture are transforming the way nonprofit organizations interact and engage with companies and employees. 

  3. Engagement is the new standard. Workplace giving is moving to a broader engagement model, and charities are providing greater opportunities for employees to learn about, interact and engage with them. 

  4. Partnerships are key. Charities recognize the value of partnering with companies but are challenged to sustain those partnerships. 

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