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Embed Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) Directly into Your Business Strategy and CSR Program; Scale Impact with Full-Scale Software and Service Solution

SmartSimple employee giving and charitable funds management

UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals SDGs

America’s Charities and SmartSimple have joined forces to offer the most complete CSR solution in the market today, making it easier than ever for businesses to incorporate the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their giving impact, and save critical budget and bandwidth by outsourcing their charitable funds management. Read our announcement here

This new full-scale solution—SmartSimple’s Engage software plus America’s Charities complete funds management service—helps companies stop focusing on the many small tasks that comprise every giving, engagement, and CSR program and instead focus on what really matters: building culture, supporting communities, and changing the world. 

SmartSimple's Engage technology provides a front-end for organizations to manage their entire workplace and employee giving programs. And unlike many other available CSR solutions, Engage is the world’s first platform to fully integrate the SDGs framework directly into its architecture. America’s Charities manages the entire back-end funds management process for companies, including matching gifts, donation transactions, charity vetting, financial reporting, and much more. 

Together, we offer companies an end-to-end solution to:

  • directly align corporate values with the SDGs
  • distribute and track funds
  • manage and report giving, engagement, and impact across all CSR programs

Companies can work with Engage and America’s Charities together or as a stand-alone service.

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"The SDGs offer a global blueprint for helping organizations navigate the major environmental, social, and economic challenges our world faces. Since the 17 global goals were announced in 2015, 72% of companies have mentioned the Goals in their annual corporate or sustainability and impact reports, and 50% have identified priority SDGs. However, just 27% include the SDGs in their business strategy, and only 23% of companies disclose meaningful Key Performance Indicators and targets related to the SDGs. While companies are “increasingly using the SDGs as their strategic north star,” there remains a gap between good intentions and actual ability to integrate the SDGs with a company’s core business strategy. Part of the problem is the lack of expertise and a technology solution sophisticated enough to integrate the SDGs into corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. SmartSimple and America's Charities have solved that problem with this solution."