Scholarship Program: Policy, Application, and Funding Services

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Scholarship Program: Policy, Application, and Funding Services

Leveraging its more than 40 years’ experience and expertise in charitable funds management, employee assistance fund application administration, and relief fund grant distribution, America’s Charities administers scholarship programs for organizations who want to provide tax-free awards that can be used to assist scholarship awardees with expenses such as, tuition and fees required for enrollment or attendance at an educational institution, or for fees, books, supplies, and equipment required for courses at an educational institution.

Why Partner with America’s Charities?

We make it easy by providing direction on scholarship policy, managing the scholarship application process, providing donation technology to secure scholarship funding, distributing scholarship money to educational institutions, and offering marketing and communications support.

Whether your organization wants to scale an existing scholarship program, needs to outsource administration of its program for tax or legal purposes, or simply needs help creating a scholarship program from scratch, outsourcing your company’s scholarship program to America’s Charities offers special advantages and support, including:

  • More Flexibility and Tax Advantages: Scholarships awarded are tax-free and donations to your scholarship fund are tax-deductible when using America’s Charities to facilitate the program.
  • Objective Third Party Mitigates Risk: Outsourcing scholarship funds distribution and management of the sensitive application review and selection process to America’s Charities minimizes your organization’s risk and legal ramifications.
  • Reduces Overhead and Administrative Burden: America’s Charities provides consistent, objective application review, conducts necessary follow up, approves awards or makes recommendations, and answers applicant questions, allowing your team to focus on program promotion and utilization, rather than administration.
  • Financially Prudent: America’s Charities distributes scholarship funds directly to the educational institution for the benefit of the awardee, ensuring scholarship funds are used in accordance with IRS guidelines and any applicable restrictions set by your policy.

Scholarship Program Services and Partnership Highlights: 

Easy to Set Up, Custom-Designed Program  EAF Easy to Set Up, Custom-Designed Program

With an already-established infrastructure, America’s Charities can quickly launch your scholarship program, allowing your organization to get started and scale faster.

  • Each scholarship program is tailored to the parameters and qualifications provided by your organization, ensuring it aligns with your values and culture.
  • Whether you need to develop a scholarship program and policies from scratch or need to outsource an existing program, America’s Charities can provide a wide range of services, including:
    • Complete policy and program design
    • Develop online application and documentation requirements
    • Application review and follow-up
    • Scholarship award approval
    • Distribution of scholarship funds to educational institutions within the U.S.
    • Regular reporting of scholarship activity
    • On-demand applicant support
    • Overall program facilitation
    • Easy integration into a workplace giving, employee benefits, or company wellness program

Easy to Set Up, Custom-Designed Program EAFTax Advantages, Privacy, and Flexibility

  • Because America’s Charities is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity, choosing us as your partner offers your company legal and tax benefits you would not receive if you, a for-profit entity, or in-house team administered your fund.
  • Each contribution to the scholarship fund is tax-deductible, and all awards made from the scholarship are tax-free.
  • From designing scholarship policies and reviewing applications to making award decisions and disbursing funds, and more, designating America’s Charities as your third party administrator increases the flexibility of who can apply for your scholarship, while ensuring uniformity and impartial decision-making.
  • America’s Charities stays ahead of rules and regulations so you don’t have to.

Experienced EAF partner Established Experience

  • America’s Charities’ decades of experience in corporate relationships, customer service, and funds management ensures that your scholarship program and fund is managed professionally, and we can help you determine the best way to establish your program.
  • Our clients range from very large organizations — including one of the world’s largest private research universities and a leading global healthcare solutions company; to mid-size — including a financial institution and a shared business service; to smaller organizations — including an energy storage company and a microbrewery.

Since 1980, America’s Charities has managed more than $800 million in funds on behalf of hundreds of businesses. Read more about our full suite of employee workplace giving, employee assistance fund, and business philanthropy solutions, and complete the form on this page to speak with our team about your scholarship program goals and needs.

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