Verified Volunteers: New Discount for Members

America’s Charities Has Partnered With Verified Volunteers to Offer Streamlined Volunteer Screening and More Effectively Activate Employee Volunteers in Communities Nationwide

Great news! America’s Charities has partnered with Verified Volunteers, the only background check platform tailored to the specific needs of the service sector. 

As a benefit of your America’s Charities membership:

  • Your organization is eligible for a 20% discount on Verified Volunteers’ vetting services (with no setup or annual fees), enabling your organization to vet volunteers more safely, easily, and cost-effectively.
  • You will also benefit from Verified Volunteers’ free volunteer management software. Hosted in the cloud, the volunteer tracking tools, filters and reminders help to significantly reduce administrative time.  Verified Volunteers' programs save 13 minutes on average per onboarded volunteer.

Current background screening options are costly and time-consuming for both nonprofits and their volunteers. Since as many as half of all volunteers choose to serve with more than one organization, the cost and time commitment involved with repeat screenings can be an obstacle for nonprofits and their volunteers.  With Verified Volunteers’ Fast-Pass, a volunteer can share a single background check with any number of nonprofits. Using a standardized volunteer service credential that satisfies screening requirements and is recognized by multiple organizations translates into lower costs and a greater number of qualified, readily available and dedicated volunteers.

You can read more about the benefits of this partnership in our press release, and can learn more about Verified Volunteers’ services at  To take advantage of this member discount, contact Mercy Chikowore from Verified Voluteers at 803-347-6905, and mention you are an America's Charities member.