America’s Charities and COGENCY GLOBAL have formed a partnership to provide America’s Charities’ nonprofit members a discount on COGENCY GLOBAL’s charitable solicitation registration and renewal services, sales tax exemption services, statutory representation and state corporate compliance services.

COGENCY GLOBAL provides a complete range of services to help nonprofits manage and maintain their good standing with state charity offices in all jurisdictions. Their comprehensive (“white glove”) charitable registration compliance service ensures that all nonprofit annual reports, renewals, extensions, and exemptions are properly filed on time with the required attachments. Their responsive service specialists are experienced with all state-specific forms, filing procedures, online filing systems, the Unified Registration Statement and required supplementary forms. America’s Charities members that take advantage of this partnership will be informed of new laws, rules, and procedures to ensure their organization’s ongoing compliance. COGENCY GLOBAL also offers several service options at different price points to assist nonprofits that want to handle more of the process themselves.

America’s Charities nonprofit members also have the opportunity to sign up for the comprehensive sales tax exemption services that COGENCY GLOBAL offers. Nonprofits are well aware of the complexity of state tax codes and the unclear regulation that can make it challenging to efficiently take advantage of available sales tax exemptions. Many districts disallow sales tax exemptions for some types of nonprofits or restrict them based on the use of goods/services or who is actually making payment. The lack of uniformity, not only from state to state but also among different taxing authorities within a state, can result in nonprofits missing out on some tax exemptions. COGENCY GLOBAL offers to manage state and local tax exemption filings, allowing America’s Charities’ nonprofit members to save time and focus on more important goals.

COGENCY GLOBAL is also offering America’s Charities’ members discounted registered agent and state corporate compliance services, which can result in significant annual savings.

COGENCY GLOBAL Discounts available to America’s Charities nonprofit members include:  

Charity Registration and Sales Tax Exemption Services:

  • 20% off retail price of $125/year for Nonprofit Fundraising Registration: Nolo’s 50-State Digital Guide, a groundbreaking digital subscription product which is updated twice annually (January 1 and July 1) with the latest information on new fundraising rules and requirements. You’ll pay only $100/year. Nonprofits that handle the entire fundraising registration process themselves will find this guide to be an invaluable source of information.
  • 10% off service fee for assisting you in filing the registrations and renewals that you prepare. COGENCY GLOBAL ensures your filings are sent to the correct filing office, advances the statutory fees, and follows up until evidence of filing is received.
  • 20% off service fee for COGENCY GLOBAL’s “white glove” Charitable Registration Service. With this service, COGENCY GLOBAL will handle a nonprofit’s fundraising registration or renewal in all states from start to finish. COGENCY GLOBAL prepares and files the forms, extensions if needed, follows up with charity offices and provides the filing evidence upon completion of the process.
  • 10% off service fee for Sales Tax Exemption filings, helping nonprofits prepare and file these applications in the applicable state revenue offices.

State Corporate Compliance Services:

  • 44% off service fee for Statutory Representation services – COGENCY GLOBAL acts as your registered agent in all states.
  • 25% off service fee for Annual Report Compliance services – With this service, COGENCY GLOBAL will prepare, file and keep track of each state’s required corporate annual/periodic reports.

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To take advantage of this member-only discount now, please contact your America’s Charities member representative.

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