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America's Charities partners with BoardLead to connect members with passionate, skilled professionals.


BoardLead Cause Strategy Partners

America’s Charities is delighted to invite its nonprofit members to learn more about BoardLead, a 100% free program that places talented and passionate professionals on the boards of social good organizations working across the entire country.

BoardLead starts by sourcing skilled and experienced board candidates from leading companies like JP Morgan Chase, PwC, and Merck. The program then makes matches based on careful research and close alignment of interests, skills, and expectations. And it provides extensive and ongoing training to all of its board candidates—ensuring they are ready to contribute on day one.

BoardLead can help your organization tap into a deeper and more diverse pool of governance talent. In addition to the varied skills they bring in fields like marketing, human resources, finance, and the law, 57% of BoardLead candidates identify as female or gender non-conforming, and 42% identify as people of color–almost double the national average for sitting nonprofit board members.

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