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Every capital campaign needs a strong foundation built upon these four (4) pillars of support:

  1. Case for Support
  2. Donors (prospects)
  3. Leaders (prospects)
  4. Proven Campaign Plan

This webinar presentation briefly reviews the basics of these four pillars and then digs-in to pillar #1 to explore how to build a strong case for support.  This is the first of a four-part series explaining how you can build a solid foundation for a capital campaign for your nonprofit organization or your NGO. 

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About the Presenter:

David Phillips

David G. Phillips, founder and president and chief executive officer of Custom Development Solutions, Inc. (CDS), has 35 years of high level fundraising experience in organizations throughout the United States and Canada. He founded Custom Development Solutions in 1996. The firm and its leaders have provided counsel to hundreds of non-profit organizations and led hundreds of successful capital campaigns. Mr. Phillips has personally directed a dozen capital campaigns raising more than $750 million dollars, and supervised hundreds more which have yielded over $2.5 billion dollars. His area of expertise is major gifts fundraising and the planning, implementation and management of capital campaigns. 

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