Workplace Giving Campaign Best Practices and Potential Pitfalls to Avoid

$4 billion raised through workplace giving annually

Potential Pitfalls to Avoid:


Employees should be encouraged to give through education and motivation. At the same time, reassure them that it is okay not to give. The campaign is ultimately about choice, which includes the choice not to give. Even the smallest donations are appreciated. Remember, employees that don't give this year, are potential donors for the next.


Every effort should be made to keep the pledge information confidential and to have as few eyes as possible see them. Employees should be reassured that the information on pledge forms and through the online giving website will be kept confidential. Employees' names and addresses should be forwarded to participating charities only if the employees request acknowledgment.

Technology and Passive Campaigns

Technology can be used to make a campaign run more smoothly, simply, and efficiently. However, there is no substitute for the human touch and good communications. DO NOT let technology take the place of personal solicitation. Passive campaigns are doomed to fail. Keep the campaign active and fun.

Use E-mail to send information to employees such as data on the charities, dates and times of campaign events, and campaign progress reports.

Lack of Information

Employees who are informed and educated about the campaign are more likely to give and give generously. At the very least, each employee should receive a listing of participating charities that includes a short description and information where the employee can learn more about the charities. Charity fairs and guest speakers from charities help to inform employees about where their money is going and what kind of impact it makes.

Opportunity to Give

The number one reason why employees didn't give is because they weren't asked! The next reason – they might not understand how to give.  This can be solved through regular reminder communications, campaign updates, and instructions for giving and where to go if an employee has a question or needs help. 

workplace giving campaign best practices