A Wider Circle Makes Big Step Towards Helping More People

Million Dollar Match

Yesterday was a big day for America's Charities member, A Wider Circle.  They are now proud owners of a building, which will empower them to dramatically increase their efforts and ability to respond to the demands for their services. A Wider Circle receives more than 500 calls per day, and owning the building will help them do what they do at an even higher level.

To help with the new obligations and expenses, A Wider Circle's matching gifts campaign has been going well; they are 72% of the way to the one million-dollar match!  The match is for three months, April 4 - July 1. To date, it is looking like it can happen. Please consider helping before July 1, as your dollar will double until then. The Building Fund Campaign, as a whole, is a five-million dollar campaign and will last for three years, unless they can finish it off sooner!

A Wider Circle will also be celebrating and raising funds via The Night of A Thousand Dinner Parties! Are you having one? Do you want to? 

Here are a few examples of the dinner parties folks are having to celebrate the night and the work:

1. A 40th Birthday Bash

2. A Philly Phavorite Night - cheesesteaks, Philly-based sodas, and other regional favorites.

3. A big barbeque - two couples and a local company are pooling resources and people for a big ol' bash.

4. There are even two "non-events," where the "hosts" are telling their guests to not dress up, not get a baby sitter, not even come! Just stay home and send a check so they can bring what they collect to A Wider Circle after the event.

Some dinner parties are then heading over to A Wider Circle for the 8:00 - 9:30 Dessert Party, and other folks are not having dinner parties - they are heading on over around 8:00 for dessert. It is all good! A Wider Circle invites you to participate and celebrate. Please RSVP to audrey@awidercircle.org - or just show up.

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