Why You Should Recruit Millennials to Boost Your NPO

Why You Should Recruit Millennials to Boost Your NPO

By Lincoln Arneal

Last week, we wrote about how to recruit life-time volunteers for your nonprofit instead of relying on one-time helpers. Today, we are going to dive further into the topic and focus on one group that has the potential to provide you with life-long volunteers:Millennials.

Millennials, often categorized as people born in the early 1980s to around 2000, grew up with a computer in their home and a smartphone in their pocket.

(Full disclosure: I am a Millennial!)

They generally operate a bit differently than other generations both in their lifestyle and in how they choose to spend their time. While you should be open to recruiting all volunteers, no matter their age, recruiting Millennials can add new life to your organization and help provide a new energy to your projects and mission. Plus, the younger generation is here to stay with your organization through the years (if done correctly). Here are some reasons your nonprofit could benefit from specifically targeting millennials.

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