Why you should get rid of your Fall employee giving campaign

Okay, so actually you shouldn't get rid of your fall employee workplace giving campaign.  But you should reconsider your current campaign model.  Here’s why:

It’s estimated that yesterday, Americans purchased roughly $18.6 billion worth of flowers, jewelry, chocolate and other romantic gifts for their Valentines, with nearly half of all tablet and smartphone owners using their handy mobile devices to make those sweet gestures (according to the National Retail Federation).

But, retailers don't rely exclusively on Valentine's Day to generate a year's worth of revenue from flowers and jewelry - there are other "pulse points" throughout the year which contribute to their bottom line (i.e. Mother's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) Makes sense, right? So why wouldn’t you treat your employee giving and engagement efforts in a similar fashion?

What if your Fall employee giving campaign became just one of many year-round events contributing to your company’s overall employee engagement and social responsibility goals? You could help connect your employees to volunteer opportunities aligned with the company’s strategic philanthropy partners.  You can support your HR efforts with skills-based learning opportunities.  You can leverage social media to help featured charities better showcase the impact of your employees’ support.

Whether it’s a signature cause or issue awareness initiative there are countless opportunities to engage your employees throughout the year and in doing so you are creating a more informed, committed donor and employee.   All of these employee engagement initiatives have a positive effect on employee recruitment and retention, which supports your bottom line.

At America’s Charities we specialize in bringing employers together with charities to engage employees in greater giving – whether it’s time, talent or money.   We are experts at helping employers strategize and create employee engagement and workplace giving programs that align with their social responsibility efforts.

Contact us for more information about how we can help your company, association or organization.   

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