What Direction Will the CSR Movement Take in 2014 and Beyond?

Source: Forbes
By Doug Guthrie

Future of CSR

In the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR ), one of the true pioneers over the last few decades has been John Paluszek. His seminal books on CSR – Organizing For Corporate Social Responsibility and Will The Corporation Survive? – anticipated and accelerated the contemporary CSR and sustainable development business model. Recently, I had an insightful conversation with Mr. Paluszek, who currently is senior counsel at Ketchum specializing in CSR and sustainable development. He is also executive producer of “Business In Society,” the video program reporting and analyzing current news on these subjects and related issues.

Our conversation allowed me to tap the mind of an expert in CSR and explore where this vital field is headed in the next few years. His credentials are numerous, including serving as past chair of The Global Alliance For Public Relations and Communication Management, national past president of The Public Relations Society of America and liaison to the United Nations for those organizations.

In our talk, Mr. Paluszek identified five areas that define the future of CSR. I have built upon these ideas for this column, but the core insights are Mr. Paluszek’s.

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