Sarah Ford | June 14, 2013

What Christian Appalachian Project Does to Improve the Lives of Over 1.5 million People Each Year

Discover more about this week’s Featured Charity, Christian Appalachian Project.

Christian Appalachian Project(CAP) is a faith-based service organization dedicated to assisting the most at-risk, under-resourced populations in Appalachia by easing hardships today and developing vibrant leadership for tomorrow.

Who does CAP serve?

Children and Their Families:

Dedicated to serving the people of the Appalachian area by helping them to improve their lives by strengthening the family and the individual’s emotional /psychological /spiritual well being. We believe that through family life education, enrichment and counseling, we can make life better for children as well as adults, and strengthen the family unit.


Our goal is to assist with the needs of the elderly and to establish networks of professional interagency relationships that will sustain or rebuild the support systems necessary for worth while human living.


Regardless of the disability, each person has the right to reach his/her full potential in the least restrictive environment. To support this belief, we will support them to become self-advocates. Center-based and in-home respite services are committed to providing periodic care to families and family members with disabilities for reasons of relief. We will seek to work in collaboration with other agencies and CAP programs in order to offer the most comprehensive services and choices to those we serve, fostering educational and recreational, and spiritual opportunities.

Disaster Victims:

Weather is unpredictable and, as a result, storms can paralyze a geographic region in a matter of minutes. CAP’s Disaster Relief program organizes volunteers to respond to the needs of those impacted by a natural disaster.  Responses may include everything from home and property clean-up, to providing and distributing emergency disaster supplies.

What makes CAP unique?

“High-impact” operational scale: It is the largest charity in the nation solely focused on serving people in need in Appalachia. Its Operation Sharing® program alone accounts for the distribution of corporation donations of food and household supplies, valued at over $100 million to distressed communities throughout Appalachia- improving the lives of over 1.5 million each year.

Personal and holistic approach to social service: It simultaneously operates 22 individual outreach services including, housing repair, disaster relief and programs geared for all ages from pre-school to seniors (including individuals with disabilities and learning disabilities.) This allows staff to take a comprehensive look at individual and family challenges and needs, while working seamlessly from a united front.

How can I help and how will my support impact others?

Like most charities, financial gifts are the most important means by which individuals can contribute. 

CAP seeks to leverage every dollar donated, and accomplishes this by operating primary services out of program-hubs, from which services can radiate into multiple adjacent counties.  By housing multiple programs together CAP is able to conserve its shared space, personnel, equipment and vehicles. 

Furthermore, providing holistic services works best when the various programs arms can interact closely from a united front. Allowing volunteers to participate directly in human service programming is another way to conserve while also enabling CAP to expand its service outreach.

Give Through the Workplace:

Workplace giving is an effective and easy way for you to make a tax-deductible donation to CAP.
Check to see if your company supports a workplace giving campaign (if they don’t, encourage them to start one), and designate Christian Appalachian Project as your charity of choice. To make your workplace-giving donation go even further, ask your employer if they will join the effort to make life better for Appalachian residents by matching your donation.
If you are a federal employee, it’s easy to support CAP through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) – just enter CFC# 32231.

Last year more than 7,000 people were served through the Family Advocacy program; over 2,000 individuals were served through CAP’s summer camps; more than 300 elderly received support services including assistance with transportation, social services and companionship; over 450 students from more than 40 colleges participated in CAP’s annual WorkFest, performing major repairs and reconstruction on more than 20 homes over a four-week period; and more than 1,500 people volunteered to help CAP put its programs and services into action. 

None of that would have happened without the financial support and volunteer efforts of individuals from all across the country – and these are just some of the ways your support makes an impact. Visit to learn more about current opportunities, events (like CAP’s summer camps) and ways to help.

Want to learn more about Christian Appalachian Project?

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