What’s stopping you from giving back?

Excuses for not volunteering or giving back

Want to get involved, but don’t seem to ever get there? Give back to the community, but can’t get yourself started? You’re not alone.

We all have good intentions, but when it comes to following through, it can be tough to get motivated. Now, let’s be honest: How recent was the last time you justified avoiding an opportunity or a commitment? Now let’s talk about volunteering, specifically. I hear it all the time:, “It’s so cool that you volunteer with those organizations! I wish I could, too, but I just don’t have the (time/money/other excuse-du-jour).” Today, let’s call out all of us who have made excuses that blocked us from giving back the way we know we can- and should.

Limiting your excuse-making is a powerful way to shift your thoughts into a mindset that gets things done, rather than one that lets opportunities slip by.

I’ve gathered 5 common excuses people use to avoid volunteering, and tips to anyone can use you to move past them.

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