The Water Project Club

The Water Project Club

See that guy on stage? That’s Daniel Kang, a senior at Van Nuys High School–and you might want to commit his name to memory. He’s doing some amazing things as is, and we predict his list of accomplishments will only get longer.

Daniel traveled to Guatemala as a Good Neighbors volunteer in 2012, touring our community development projects and building new cookstoves for families. He saw firsthand what people needed, and was inspired when he returned home to start the Good Neighbors Water Project Club to address a basic need he thought was the most important: clean water.

He decided to spread the word about Good Neighbors’ Water For Life project and joined forces with other high schools including Chaminade College Prepatory, El Camino High School, Crescenta Valley High School, and Granada Hills Charter. Together, they raised $9,000 and Good Neighbors was able to build three clean water wells in Chad, Africa this past year!

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