Utah’s Brixio Joins LIVESTRONG Foundation To Accelerate Fight Against Cancer


For a fast-moving startup focused on disrupting the commercial real estate world, the opportunity to help became clear. Joining the fight against cancer was a personal and a collective desire when the young daughter of one of the 12 Brixio entrepreneurs was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer affects more than 32.6 million people around the world and it is something that has impacted the young Brixio company—as it does for so many. In fact, soon after the child’s diagnosis, one of its broker partners was diagnosed with cancer. And, a father of another Brixio team member is in the fight, too.

In committing to the cause, Brixio has announced a partnership with the LIVESTRONG Foundation to help those fighting cancer and their families, and America's Charities is proud to facilitate this first of its kind partnership through our funds management and CSR solutions. Brixio will donate one percent of real estate revenue to support the free services and progressive work LIVESTRONG is pursuing to beat the disease.  

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