There’s a New Sheriff in Town: Your Employees


By Ryan Scott

If you’re involved in any activity related to managing employee volunteer programs, you need to know Chris Jarvis.  As the co-founder of Realized Worth, Chris and his intuitive team have carved out a unique space in the realm of employee volunteering, working closely with companies to creatively engage their employees in corporate philanthropy.  

Chris is an inspiring leader and thinker in this field who makes it his business to understand all the components of employee volunteering program success - factoring in not just how companies need to operate, but how people actually operate.  The realistic approach that Realized Worth encourages is a refreshing tonic in a business filled with dreamers who sometimes don’t acknowledge the typical human behaviors and needs that must be fully understood, targeted and planned for in any program approach.

One of the many helpful lessons that Realized Worth espouses is about the importance of deputizing employees who are already somehow engaged in volunteering.  I wrote about this recently in a discussion on how to increase participation in your volunteer program.  If you want employees who are engaged in your volunteering program, find employees who are passionate about volunteering in their own lives and get them to help ignite excitement around what you’re doing in your corporate program.

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