The ROI of small business philanthropy

The ROI of small business philanthropy

By Hanna Burmeister

The concept of corporate philanthropy is nothing new. Companies from around the world have long been partnering with charitable organizations to engage employees in corporate giving campaigns.

In fact, it's estimated that American businesses donated $16.76 billion to charities in 2013, as reported by Giving USA.

However, the idea that corporate philanthropy requires writing a giant check is no longer valid. Philanthropy is not just for Fortune 500 companies — it's a great idea for small businesses as well.

Businesses now engage in philanthropy in a variety of non-traditional ways, from company volunteer days to providing non-cash donations or offering pro-bono services.

Many small business owners may shy away from charitable giving, because they feel they don't have the time, resources or staff to participate in a large giving campaign.

However, as more small businesses are engaging with charities in new ways, they're finding that connecting their company with a cause is not only beneficial to the charity, but also the workplace.

There are multiple ways that your small business can engage in philanthropy, and there are just as many reasons why you should consider doing so:

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