Register Now! April 24th Giving Under The Influence Symposium in D.C.

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  • How are corporate funders’ expectations of nonprofits changing as they seek to invest in nonprofit performance and impact?
  • How are nonprofits positioned to benefit from workplace giving and employee engagement programs?
  • How is our networked world driving new expectations for transparency, accountability and impact?

For a lively discussion around those questions and insights from America’s Charities latest research, register now for the 2014 Giving Under The Influence Symposium at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on April 24, 2014.

Building on last year’s panel discussion on digital culture and the transformation of employee engagement from the perspective of corporate gatekeepers, this year’s panel discussion will examine the connection between corporate giving, employee engagement and investing in charitable performance and impact from the perspective of charities.

Additionally, attendees will receive an exclusive look at America’s Charities latest research as Snapshot 2014 makes its debut.  The first of its kind as new insights emerge around the best ways for companies and their employees to engage with charities and have the most impact, Snapshot 2014 follows America’s Charities 2013 study,“Snapshot:  Trends and Strategies to Engage Employees in Greater Giving,” a groundbreaking study on the changing paradigm of workplace giving and employee engagement programs.

According to co-authors of Snapshot 2014, America’s Charities’ Lynne Filderman, VP and Chief Marketing Officer and Steve Greenhalgh, Senior Advisor:

“It won’t come as a surprise that charities and companies live in parallel universes.  As in the corporate world and society at large, technology, digital culture and interconnectedness are transforming nonprofit organizations and how they interact and engage with companies, employees and other stakeholders. Nonprofit organizations are responding to the shift in the private sector.  Many are challenged in this new environment but are changing the way they operate to better address the new expectations of corporate, institutional and individual donors.”

Register now for this event, which promises unique networking opportunities and ideas for infusing new life into your organization’s employee engagement and giving program. Seating is limited! Visit to learn more and register.